SEO Santa Barbra Authority Nuke

Hey there!

My name is Chase Reiner and I’ve been a Santa Barbara local for over 24 years.

What You Should Know

I’ve been doing SEO for about three years, and have currently the largest library of streamed YouTube tutorials in the entire world for SEO right now. I also have over 150 Five-Star reviews for the SEO I teach which makes me the highest rated SEO in the world on Google right now.

If you’re looking to get any SEO done on your site, or you’re looking for any sort of online marketing like social media marketing or email marketing, I’d love to talk to you about any sort of ideas you have for whether you’re doing a local business or a product-based business.

Here’s What We Specialize In:

Our Location and Contact Info

Authority Nuke is located in downtown Santa Barbara next to the Funk Zone. We have an office in a co working space called the Impact Hub. Our exact location is: 10 East Yanonali Street Suite 13, Santa Barbara, California, 93101 and our hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

outside photo of our SB officeIf you’d like to contact us please go to our contact page or call now at (805) 870-8933

What Makes Our Online Marketing / SEO Strategies Different

At Authority Nuke, we focus only on sustainable White Hat SEO strategies.

Which means you don’t need to worry whether or not our techniques are going to get you in trouble with any of Google penalties.

Our white hat techniques are mainly geared towards On Page SEO and natural Off Page SEO which includes link building, social signals, authority building etc.

Our Related Services Such as Web Design

We also offer affordable website design services and pride our selves on having extremely fast turn arounds (generally under a week unless a huge site needs to be built).

SEO Audit’s and Roadmaps

If you’ve currently had SEO done to your site or you have no idea where your site stands, we’d love to do an audit and show you what can be improved.

Search Engine Marketing Services

For the PPC (Pay Per Click) side of things, Chase has been certified in every area of Adwords and in Analytics as a Google Partner. We’d love to take a look at your keywords and see if there’s profitable opportunities for you.

Keyword Research

Unsure of the right keywords you should be targeting? We do keyword research for you and show you what the most profitable keywords are that you should try to compete for.

Link Building

As mentioned earlier, we focus mainly on building authority and an audience before doing manual outreach for links. This makes the link building process much easier in the long run and let’s us focus on long term assets opposed to short term liabilities.