Santa Barbara Adwords Marketing (PPC)

If you’re here looking for somebody to help you with Adwords, at SEO Santa Barbarawe specialize in Adwords especially for local and the Search Network.

What is The Search Network?

If you don’t know what that means, the search network is the paid links that you can see on Google above the organic search results and the organic search results are the things you see underneath the ads, pretty much and underneath, usually the maps.

The Importance of PPC and SEM

So, it’s really important that if you do have a local business or a national business and you have a very low cost per click bid, that you look into utilizing paid networks and the reason for this is because you can get a very high ROI from your paid networks for a very low CPC in some cases.

Now, in some cases like lawyers, you’re gonna have a lot harder time mainly because they have a $400 average cost per click. Now, if you are a lawyer that still doable to get an ROI right, because you have the average value of a customer is probably around $10,000 and up which is why you’d be willing to spend that type of money.

Every Case is Different

Now, that’s not the case for most people, there’s a lot of businesses that are underutilizing ads because they don’t know that they’re very profitable and most people don’t want to spend money on ads because, you know, misconceptions around thinking; “oh well, these wouldn’t work for us” or “we’ve heard, you know, other people have tried ads and it didn’t work for them”. Now, that’s not the case for everybody right. I’ve run tons of successful ads in the past, I’ve personally run some ads for an iPhone repair company where we had click-through rate which it was over 9% and if you don’t know the click-through rate, it’s basically the amount of time somebody sees your ad, divided by a number of times people click on it.

Now, if you have an ad, it’s local and it’s around a 9% click-through rate and the average cost per click is, you know, anywhere under $10, the average value of a customer is over $50 and say, one out of three of them convert into a customer from the people who call, then the Adwords campaign would probably be profitable for you if the average cost per click is under $10. In most cases, as long as you’re not competing in a very oversaturated market where tons of people are bidding on ads, you can actually make a very profitable ROI and like I said, this is very underutilized in the local space so, I would recommend perhaps, coming in, all you have to do is head over to the link in the bottom of this page and leave us a contact or give us a call and we’d be happy to have you come into our office and talk to us about it in Santa Barbara.