Conversion Rate Optimization Santa Barbara

Hi my name is Chase Reiner, I’m a local in Santa Barbara. If you have an online marketing strategy but you’re not focusing on the conversion rates, there’s obviously a problem. I’m here to talk to you a little bit about how you can actually increase those conversion rates and what we do at Authority Nuke to increase our conversion rates.

Conversion Tracking is Essential

First, of all we want to set up conversion tracking that means we want to be able to track the phone calls and the contact form submissions on your website. If you’re not tracking this stuff you’re not going to be able to assign a value to your conversions or to a customer online at least right. So it’s really important to track these things.

Once you do track those things we’re going to want to figure out how we can test and see if we can up our conversion rates, so if we see that 500 people are hitting a page off of Google but those people are not converting into customers either by calling or by submitting a contact form then we’re going to want to figure out why that’s not happening and try to up those conversion rates.

Utilizing Other Assets to Leverage Conversions

So there are certain things you can do like using video, this is a perfect example. This video right here is actually, hopefully going to up the conversion rates from the amount of people who call us for conversion rate optimization right versus going to a landing page, people are confused, they don’t even understand conversion rate in the first place and it’s hard for people to understand something just by reading it the first time versus you know seeing a real person and of course talking to them and seeing what these people are really about.

If you’d like to contact us all you have to do is go to the link in the description, send us a contact form or call our phone number listed on this page and we hope to hear from you soon.