Landing Page Creation Santa Barbara | SEO Santa Barbara

You’re here because you’re probably looking for a Landing Page for your website. Of course, if your website has pages on it, that’s great but we want to be able to create a page that’s really highly customized for conversions; that means built-in psychology, maybe a place where people can check out and perhaps a place where they can schedule an appointment and have some sort of way to contact you.

How To Use Landing Pages

Now, generally you want to use these pages for ad campaigns versus having these ad campaigns just going to like, a home page which is usually why people build them or if you know that somebody wants to contact you from another page that they might land on your site, it’s great to send them to these pages so that they are highly optimized so, people can convert into customers.

Landing Page Examples

A great example of this is what we’re doing on this page here at Authority Nuke. We’re actually doing a video which of course, is going to help our conversion rates. What we want to do right now is what I would say is “hey check out the link and at the bottom of this video so you can head over and contact me”. And then when you get to that page, the contact page, we’re, of course, going to create a nice Landing Page. Probably, we use something called Click Funnels and we’re gonna want you to convert into a customer of course by going to that page.

If you do check out that page, let me know what you think when you give me a call if you give me a call; alternatively, you could just give me a call now. Either way, if you’d like to see an example of the Landing Page that we could build for you, I’d love to send some over for you and I hope to talk to you soon.

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